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Who Are We?

The story began with a cat named “Pacha Mama,” who was found in the forest of Andalucia. As a true digital nomad who worked and traveled online, I faced a conflict of interest due to my love for pets.

I wanted to be the best pet parent I could be while also traveling and exploring different parts of the world without spending excessive amounts of money. During a visit to my family in the Netherlands, my father and I discussed the idea of creating an affordable platform for digital nomads, families, farm owners, pet lovers, and world explorers.

This idea gave birth to House Pet Exchange, a website that aimed not only to facilitate pet exchanges but also to build a community where people could help and support each other. We were aware that many individuals wished to ensure their pets were in safe hands, and what better way to accomplish that than by connecting with other animal lovers?

Drawing from our own experiences growing up on farms surrounded by animals, we poured our hearts and souls into creating this community. We firmly believed that animals are wonderful creatures that deserve to be cared for and loved.

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